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Leslie Allmand Eckstein LMT
Chair massage has quickly become one of the most popular and
requested benefits in the workplace today.  The physical and
emotional stress of extended hours sitting hunched at the computer desk, and the high
stress which comes from taking good care of your customers, have made all forms of work-
related stress reduction increasingly important for your entire organization.  A good chair
massage is always a welcomed break from your daily responsibilities while managing your
own pain and stress stimulants for increased job satisfaction and total well-being.

Chair massage focuses on the easily accessible, and highly stressed, upper body areas
which cause the majority of physical, emotional and mental stressors.  While many
organizations devote a tremendous amount of effort, and resources, with accommodating
the ergonomics of our work space with special desks, chairs, phones and the like - nothing
will replace the comfort of skilled human touch.

This fully clothed massage will last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, about the length of an
average break period, and uses minimal lotions, creams or oils – allowing your staff to
remained fully clothed.  Our portable chair was professionally designed with comfort, safety
and portability in mind supplied by our massage therapist(s) who will set it up and take it
down in any location of your choice.  We do recommend a small, dimly light and private room
to help you experience a deeper place of silence and relaxation.  It’s from this place of
somatic relaxation which allows your therapist to provide a quality experience for you -
while producing the tangible results you were looking for.
Therapeutic Benefits of On-Site Chair Massage Include:  

* Stress Reduction:  The session is intended to reduce the compounding and layered
effects which physical, mental and emotional stress take on our daily lives.

* Increase Morale: On-site chair massage is an effective and affordable benefit which shows
your associates you care about their wholeness and total well-being.

* Increased Immune Response: On-site chair massage will help boost the immune system
which helps prevent unforeseen ailments and illnesses and will reflect in a decrease with

* Decrease Repetitive Stress Injuries: Common pain complaints like carpal tunnel syndrome,
tendonitis, migraine headaches and inter-scapular pain patterns are examples of injuries
associated with repetitive muscular actions and postures.  On-site chair massage helps to
reduce these chronic pain patterns and helps to educate clients on correct posture,
stretches, and self-help – thus increasing their awareness of preventive medicine and how
it relates to balancing the physiological demands of work-related stress.

* Increases Flexibility: By softening the bodies soft-tissue your massage therapist is actually
increasing the blood flow to that muscle.  With an increase in blood flow your muscles will
be able to release into their fully lengthened position which aids in reducing muscular
tension and chronic tightness - your flexibility will increase tremendously.

On-Site Chair Massage Delivers Results For:


* Relieves Fatigue
* Lowers anxiety
* Enhances creative thinking
* Improves problem solving
* Strengthens immunity
* Helps prevent R.S.I.
* Lowers muscular tension
* Lowers muscular pain

Corporate Chair Massage


* Increases associate retention
* Improves productivity
* Enriches corporate culture
* Decreases absenteeism
* Helps recruitment efforts
* Improves job satisfaction
* Improves organizational health
* Improves organizational well-being

On-site chair massage is affordable and available for scheduling throughout the duration of
your entire year.  With weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual visits scheduled well
in advance we’re sure your staff will enjoy receiving the benefits which on-site chair
massage delivers.

You'll also discover a variety of massage packages and gift certificates available for instant
delivery, including attractively designed gift certificates suitable for any occasion.  Whether
you’ll be rewarding a long-time client relationship, providing an incentive for a sales or
support team or, perhaps, surprising your staff for a job well done, the gift of massage and
bodywork is always well received for any occasion you have in mind.
Corporate Benefits