Many people come to the massage table unsure of what to expect. Even
with the widespread use of therapeutic massage, so many people have
not experienced a massage and are not sure how to take an active role in
getting the most out of their massage.

Although I am the massage therapist, believe it or not I still need your help
to make your massage a positive and beneficial experience for you. You
can do many things before, during and after the massage to facilitate your
therapy; I hope you will find the suggestions below helpful in maximizing
the benefits of your massage with me.

The most important preparation: PREPARE TO RELAX. The more relaxed
you become BEFORE your massage, the deeper the relaxation you'll
experience AT your massage and, if you're being treated for an injury, less
time and energy will be spent GETTING to the problem and more time and
energy will be spent TREATING the problem. . . if you are relaxed.

Here are more preparations you can make for a great massage:

Prepare your body with a bath or shower. Bathing before your massage
will warm you and your muscles up, making you and your muscles more
relaxed! You and I will both be more comfortable if your body is clean.

Don't wear makeup, excessive perfume, etc.

Don't eat Before the massage. You don't want to be starving, but you
might be uncomfortable during your massage if you're stuffed.

Schedule your appointment on a day that is not very hectic. A weekend
free from all work and plans is ideal since this will allow you more time to
relax before and after a session.

Dress comfortably. Avoid wearing many layers of clothing when you go for
a massage.  During your massage you will appropirately covered with a
blanket during the session, exposing only a part of the body being treated
at a time. If you're feeling self-conscious about being naked, be sure to tell
your therapist so she can make arrangements for you to feel comfortable
and less anxious.

If you have a long hair, tie it up to a ponytail so your hair won't get in the
way when the therapist works on your neck and shoulders. It's also a good
idea not to wear any jewelry.

Arrive on time. You need time to relax and cool down before the session.
Communicate with your therapist for any preferences that you may have. If
you like dimmer lighting, or the aroma of the room makes you dizzy, or you
prefer another type of background music, never hesitate to speak up.
Good communication is one of the keys to having an ultimate massage
Drink plenty of water before the session to help flush out the toxins from
your body. Do the same after to avoid getting dehydrated.
All massages are completely non sexual/sensual. This means you will be
draped at all times with only that portion of your body being massaged
being exposed.  If you have any questions about your massage please be
certain to discuss them with Leslie prior to your visit to eliminate any
Leslie Allmand Eckstein LMT
Cell: 860-671-1741